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The Porsche Mobile Team

Our competent team will be delighted to provide you with advice and assistance.

Rogelio Tovar | Dealer Principal

Frank Fernandez | General Manager

Paul McKeever

Paul McKeever | Porsche General Sales Manager

Paul is the General Sales Manager of Dean McCrary Porsche with 17 years of automotive experience. You will hear an English accent. He was born in Northeast England, and after serving in the British Army, set his sights on an American girl and moved to the States.

He joined our leadership team in November 2016. He promotes teamwork and requires superior customer service. He insists that our customers are 100% satisfied with their experience. You can find him at the playground with his son when he's not adding new members to the Dean McCrary Family.

Phone: 251.300.6902 • Email:

Bree Phillips

Bree Phillips | Assistant Sales Manager/Porsche Certified Brand Ambassador

Bree has been part of the Dean McCrary Porsche family since May 2016.

Towards the end of her collegiate career, she found herself circling back to the brand that played a significant role in her childhood years. Her passion for sports cars, coupled with her eight years of customer service industry experience, lends a hand at providing an unparalleled experience for those considering joining the Porsche family. Bree's welcoming demeanor and laissez-faire approach places clients at ease during consultations. Her efficient and proactive nature makes her a "go-to" person for dealer personnel and clients alike.

A few of her accomplishments over the past year include participating as one of the 14 finalists in the Porsche National Walk-Around Challenge, obtaining the Porsche Global Brand Ambassador Certification, and completing the Personalization Initiative Pilot Program with Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur.

She enjoys reading, driving at track events, golfing and traveling in her free time.

Phone: 251.300.3472 • Email:

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson | Porsche Consultant

With his varied experience in motorsports and rich interest in automotive, Eric is a great addition to the Dean McCrary Porsche family. Don't let the baby face fool you; he has been a fan of Porsche since he received his first pink Hot Wheel Porsche 959, when he could barely walk. He has a passion for the Porsche brand and depth of knowledge from the past to the present.

Eric was born and raised in Minneapolis, MN, and attended college at North Dakota State University where he majored in Business with a minor in Sociology. If he's not with a client, Eric can be found in the shop learning from our experienced Porsche technician, Anh. He is not a salesman, rather, a Porsche enthusiast who enjoys sharing the Porsche legacy with others.

Phone: 251.300.6902 • Email:

Brady Ralph

Brady Ralph | Porsche Product Specialist

Brady has been at Dean McCrary Porsche since September 2016.
He has a deep passion for automobiles that runs three generations strong and doesn’t miss an opportunity to get behind the wheel of exotic cars. He attends the Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance annually and every local car show on the Gulf Coast. 

Brady is committed to providing the best service to our customers and always goes out of his way to create a memorable experience.

He is currently a Marketing student at the University of South Alabama and hopes to become a Marketing professional for a large automotive firm, such as Porsche.

Phone: 251.300.6902 • Email:

Carlos Watson

Carlos Watson | Porsche Service Manager

Carlos joined the Dean McCrary Porsche family in September of 2017. Carlos is a native son of Mobile. He started in Atlanta and has eighteen years of German Automotive experience. He is raising a family of four boys with his wife Tamara, and is excited to  work for one of the most recognized and admired brands in the industry - Porsche. In his time off, Carlos enjoys spending time with them.

The next time you are in for service please stop by and say “Hi”!

Phone: 251.300.3482 • Email:

Dennis Healy

Dennis Healy | Porsche Service Manager

Dennis has been in the car business for more than 45 years with 17 at Dean McCrary Porsche! He is married to his wife Belinda for 49 years.  They have 2 daughters, Jennifer and Stephanie. When Dennis is not helping his Porsche clients, he loves to play golf and sing.  His favorite Porsche is the Cayman because of its unique styling. 

Phone: 251.300.3460 • Email:

Anh Nguyen

Anh Nguyen | Porsche Certified Technician

Anh has been with Dean McCrary Porsche for over 19 years! He has seen it all and continues to learn and develop as the brand evolves.